List of possible refinements...


Here it is:

  1. Customizeable multi-line status bar (I mean the very bottom part of a Mp3tag window). Personally, I would add there couple of scripting functions monitoring tags and displaying alerts (e.g. warning on APEv2 tags presence)

  • Creating action groups inside action groups;
  • Applying single action to many fields at once (nothing annoys me more than the situation when I have to change sth in a case conversion regex and so I must do it for each single action in a group separetely, arrrgh :slight_smile: )
  • Applaying content of one Tag Panel field to many fields at once (e.g. to BAND along with ALBUM ARTIST)
  1. Rearranging Tag Panel more freely, that means making possible to move cover art input field position (I have some fields which I use more rarely and I want them to be below cover)

  2. Making unmapped tag fields (such as TPE2 etc. for ID3v2 tags) viewable (for example in Extended Tag Dialog). That would let us clarify if the field saved in tag is a standard one (TPE2) or custom one (TXXX "BAND")

  3. Media library! (fb2k-alike) I guess I'm not the first who thought about this :slight_smile:

  4. Editable multi-key shortcuts (also in the same manner as foobar does) I would find especially useful along with Tools (now limited to only 10 shortcuts) websearch
    CTRL + W + 1 -> search Wikipedia by ARTIST
    CTRL + W + 2 -> search Wikipedia by ALBUM
    CTRL + D + 1 -> search Discogs by ARTIST

I'm not a programmer myself and I've got no idea of doabilty of such developments. Most of them seem pretty reasonable to me, however.

Regards :music: