List only albums

I would like to get a simple report from my mp3 music collection listing only album name, year and artist. To do that I tried to do the following:

Scan my music collection wih Mp3tag
Export the results into Excel
Use Excel's Advanced Filter option - Unique (records only) to eliminate multiple song entries for every album.

However, this does not work always too well and was wondering if anyone has a better solution for this.

This gets you only one entry per album:

$filename(album.txt)$loop(%album%,1)%artist%; %album%; %year%
QUOTE (dano @ Aug 11 2010, 07:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
This gets you only one entry per album:
$filename(album.txt)$loop(%album%,1)%artist%; %album%; %year%

Awesome! I was looking for just such a thing.

I want to get rid of artists and albums that are close, but not exact. This will make it obvious.


I've had the same problem finding bad album fields, and this looks very promising. But what do I need to do to use it? I don't see a "report" feature anywhere. thanks.

That above is an export script

Worked great! Thanks!