Little trouble with Regex

Currently using very simple regex to create mixed case filenames.

Regular expression: ^(.*)$
Replace Matches with: $caps($1)

Now, trouble is, as some words/sentences may be in brackets, the first word inside bracket is always ignored. (Bracket itself does not have case, right...)
How to include it aswell so brackets would be simply ignored and first letter/word after bracket would be also capitalized in result?

OK, resolved it...

Regular expression: ([^()]*)
Replace Matches with: $caps($1)

See Mp3tag manual: Case conversion Normal

Without the need of coding a regular expression ... this works the same ...

Action: Format value Field : TITLE Formatstring: $caps(%TITLE%,'(')

... or ...

Action: Format value Field : _FILENAME Formatstring: $caps(%_FILENAME%,'(')

Also try out the action "Case Conversion".