Load Playlist/Cuesheet

Under the File Menu there is a choice <Load Playlist/Cuesheet> that will load an .M3U or two other filetypes into Mp3tag. I'm wondering why this doesn't appear in the context menu. I added it manually and it works fine. Thus:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" "%1"

P.S. I just looked at an old post from 2004. Apparently there were context menu entries back then, but somewhere along the line they seem to have been dropped.

I think it is some kind of philosophy that goes with the entries for various menus.
Varouis style guides for GUIs recommend to put all the functions that deal with an object as a container belong to the file menu. So that is like opening, closing, saving, opening and closing a complete playlist.

Context menus should contain functions that are valid for a specific object (or the contents of a number ob selected objects). See if this definition fits the current distribution of functions.

Or to put it in other words: a playlist gathers other complex objects like audio files and therefore belongs to the file menu.

These files can be loaded using the "Open with" sub-menu of the Windows Explorer context menu.

Yes, but strangely the option doesn't appear after loading with my custom action.

Also, after installing v2.75 my custom action was deleted from the registry. Florian: is there something dangerous about this one?

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=""C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Mp3tag\\Mp3tag.exe" "%1""

You can add a program, including Mp3tag, to the "Open with" menu without manually editing the registry:
It will not be removed when restarting or updating.

Yes, that's true, but usually when you do an action it's added to the "Open with" list automatically.