Load Playlist - "Reading tag data"

Suggestion for improvement: on the dialog that appears when reading a playlist:

amend the wording to make clear that the second number does not refer to the total number of tags (even though the first number does refer to the number of tags that have been read), but instead to the number of lines in the file e.g.

Reading tag data: tags read ###, lines ###.

Tags? Lines?

I thought it was simply number of files.

An easy mistake to make.

If the total shown in Mp3tag's progress indicator counts lines in a playlist that don't actually reference files, I'd call that a bug. In the same way as when it loads a large directory tree, it should count the file references first to determine the total, even if that means making two passes through the playlist file.

Since the indicator doesn't present that figure as a count of lines that actually reference files, I would not call it a bug.

Since the indicator doesn't present that figure as anything at all, I see the absence of a label as an opportunity for improvement.