Loading Folders By Date order

Since the latest update of windows 10 when changing directory and choosing the folder to load it now does it by date created i.e today,last week,earlier this month. I have corrected this in my windows folders but mp3 tag does it by the way I have just mentioned, previously before the windows update it did it alphabetically regardless of when the actual folder in windows was created. I have looked in the settings of the program but cannot find a way of reverting back to the old method. Is there any way this can be done or has the windows changes the way your program works forever.

Click on the column header of the property by which you want to sort.

I have name ,type ,file name and folder path highlighted. If it helps all my downloads are in folders and saved in a master folder called downloads if that make sense

Just simple repeated clicks on a column header of a preoperty in the MP3tag file list sort the tracks ascending, descending or not at all.
So take you pick (column) and click on the header.

I dont understand what you mean.I am not the good with technical stuff.

MP3tag uses a standard windows explorer dialogue.
So this is a windows problem - please open a windows explorer window and use the settings in "View" ribbon section "current view" to modify "sort by" and "group by" .

I am in the view tab but cannot find the ribbon tag you mention. Just for your information the folders show up correctly when just using windows they only show up in the screen shot way when i open mp3 tag

MP3tag uses the global windows (explorer) settings.
So please customize your windows to a look and feel that you like.
If you have problems with the windows explorer please resort to the corresponding help pages or forums.

Please could you send me some screen shots how to do it. I cannot understand why everything appears right in the windows folders it is only when I try to access the folders through MP3 tag that they are different surely I should not be messing with the windows view if they are already as they should be.

AFAIK you have to apply modifications of settings in the appearance of folders globally but as a separate step. Otherwise the settings have only a local effect on the current folder. I don't know how you went about with your initial modifications.
Again: this is a Windows problem not one of MP3tag as MP3tag only uses the services that Windows offers.

I opened the download folder view navigation plane,details,options,folder options,view and apply to folders and it worked.