Loading multiple directories at once/saving search

Is there a way I can load several directories at once, then save that search?

For example, if I want to load

C:\Documents and Settings\me\My Documents\MP3

at the same time, without having to add the 2nd and subsequent directories every time, how can I save that search? I thought about saving as a playlist, but I add/change/delete files constantly.

Thanks in advance!

Best thing I can think and I've tested it for you is if you create a folder on your desktop (or anywhere for that mater, this is optional but to keep a tidy desktop it's probably best).

  1. Create shortcut folders of those 3 folders (On the desktop or in that new folder).
  2. Simply drag the 3 shortcut folders to your mp3 window like the attached screen-shot.
  3. Make sure you have subdirectories ticked.
A workaround but until multiple default folder addition is supported (perhaps a wish list item :slight_smile: ) then this is the only solution I can think of.

Thank you. That works for now.

You can create a simple text file with the filename extension of ".m3u" resp. ".m3u8".

This textfile should contain the three lines ...


C:\Documents and Settings\me\My Documents\MP3

Store this m3u text file at a place where you want.

Invoke this m3u textfile from within Mp3tag as "Open Playlist/Cuesheet".

You may create a shortcut on the desktop or anywhere else, which invokes Mp3tag together with this playlist at once.
Write into the shortcut's target command line ...

"" /fn:""

Mp3tag also provides to save the current list of files from within Mp3tag to a playlist file.


That works. Thank you.

The saved playlist file wouldn't work because I'm constantly adding/changing/deleting files from these directories.