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Every developer wants us to look through whatever documentation is available instead of asking the same questions repeatedly. But these days it is becoming much more difficult to go look at their documentation without also creating privacy concerns. How about a method of downloading the entire documentation package without the need of performing screen scrapes?

where do you see the privacy concerns?
The current MP3tag documentation is available here:

and can be accessed without the need to login or identify oneself.
I am not even sure which cookies (if at all) are used.

Count me in:

This is a privacy concern in of itself. You don't know, nor do I. Does some data aggregator like Google (for example) need to know what specific things I'm researching inside MP3Tag documentation?
There are many more. I'm not suggesting that it's because of MP3Tag, but instead because of the out of control capturing of data by just about anyone who wants to. I'm not looking for this comment to get out of control, but people need to be a lot more concerned where their network communications are going. Every communication outside of your local network is a risk.

If a quick search for info about mp3tag online is a concern with your browser, I think there are plenty of bigger concerns IMO. Just posting in a thread like this... wait a second... :thinking:

I'm currently not offering the documentation for download. One reason is that it's not easily browsable (is this a word?) due to each page using it's own folder for URLs like https://docs.mp3tag.de/filter. This doesn't play well without a web server.

Another reason is, that I also hoped for a reality where I can easily update the documentation and make it available instantly to everybody interested.

I hoped that your concerns would be more specific to the online documentation, now I need to answer more generically:

I'm not using any cookies for the docs or track you in any identifiable way. I'm not sending installation tokens attached to your installation when you access the documentation from within the app. I don't know if you opened the docs once, twice, or a hundred times per day. I'm not using anything Google on my sites.

If you use Google to search via site:docs.mp3tag.de I suggest switching to DuckDuckGo, which also allows for limiting the search scope to a specific site.

I might offer an offline version of the documentation sometime in the future, but I'm currently not actively working on this.

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