local freedb "An unexpected error occured."

I received "An unexpected error occured." error message while trying to read CD data from my local freedb (created with EAC 0.99pb5). I am using Win7, and the local freedb uses Unix format (each CD has a separate file). I used Tools/Options to specify the path for the local freedb and to create an index. Can you help with this problem? I have a dmp file if that will help.

This thread offers a freedb ... for windows. Perhaps that is safer.


Thank you, however I manually edited the entries in my local freedb to correct errors and to conform to a consistent style guide and am hoping I don't have to redo that work. Since it appears that Mp3tag supports a local freedb, I would just like to learn how to fix the "unexpected error". My local freedb works fine with EAC 0.99pb5 but not with Mp3tag.

Also, my local freedb is small. It just contains my own CDs (less than 400 total), so the number of files should not be an issue.

So, as this is your solution, you now have a working sample with the freedb supplied by the link and your own to compare with.