local freedb file format

Hello everybody,

I'm new here (just discovered this program today) and quite anxious to start using mp3tag.
I am using OrangeCD software in order to keep my CD collection with the data I want, regardless of the information retrieved from freedb.org. OrangeCD has an export function to local freedb format and I have already managed to discover an incompatibility.
I was not able to make available the exported freedb file to mp3tag, untill I manually created the genre folder in which I exported the freedb files.
Now this folder contains files, the names of which are the CD-IDs without extension. I understand that mp3tag has access to this localfreedb file system, because I am able to create the local index. I am able to search and find a certain entry by text searching, but I am not able to associate the retreived header's data with the files I want to change tags.
What are these files? Each directory of mine contains a CD converted to mp3. The number of tracks/files and their order are just right.
But mp3tag cannot retreive the track data. Returns this message of "no suitable entry" although it knows that the file is in the right place. (Yet, this is possible and it works OK if I request the same CD-ID from the freedb server).
So, I guess that there is something wrong with the local freedb file created by OrangeCD. Is it the syntax of the file? Is it possible that durations are slightly different from CD to mp3 and mp3tag aborts the data asscociation?

What goes wrong with such a file's content? Please, I need your help, here.

Here is an example.
If you search for "6f125308, classical" in freedb.org you may find a little different track names. I have edited the original freedb download with OrangeCD and added some information of my own, then exported to local freedb. This page does not allow me to upload such a file, but here is the content of 6f125308:

xmcd CD database file generated by OrangeCD 6.2

Track frame offsets:









Disc length: 4693 seconds

Revision: 0

Submitted via: OrangeCD 6.2

DTITLE=Richard Hickox / Symphony No.1 - Organ Sonata
TTITLE0=Symphony No.1, Op.55 - I Andante etc
TTITLE1=Symphony No.1, Op.55 - II Allegro molto
TTITLE2=Symphony No.1, Op.55 - III Adagio molto espressivo e sostenuto
TTITLE3=Symphony No.1, Op.55 - IV Lento Allegro Grandioso
TTITLE4=Sonata for Organ, Op.28 - I Allegro maestoso
TTITLE5=Sonata for Organ, Op.28 - II Allegretto Quasi dopio movimento Tempo I
TTITLE6=Sonata for Organ, Op.28 - III Andante espressivo etc
TTITLE7=Sonata for Organ, Op.28 - IV Presto comodo

I was able to solve the problem myself. I am working for more than 10 hours today. I apologise for loosing my patience.

The problem exists because the source of the local freedb file is other than the freedb.org

So here is a guide for everyone who works with OrangeCD.

You export your database to a local freedb with the following parameters:
Merge entries to a single file
Seperate entries with #FILENAME=
Yoy can optionally check the "include year and genre" option.
You save to .../freedb/misc/00toff

I prefer misc because misc is the first option of mp3tag when you enter the CD-ID. Default genre is misc.

Then you go to settings of mp3tag and you enter path of local freedb the .../freedb (omitting the misc subdirectory).

That's it. It works. It works? It works!!!