Location for scripts in Windows 11

I did a clean install of Windows 11 on my machine and want to use the scripts of my WIndows 10 installation of MP3Tag. But in Windows 11 the location of scripts seems to be different. I copied the scripts from windows 10 %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\sources and copied them in Windows 11 "Program Files (x86)\MP3tag\data\sources" because I can't find a MP# entry in the "users{username}\AppData" in Windows 11.
Anyone know where I have to put the scripts in Windows 11?

In my Windows 11 the \sources directory is still at the same location:

The first path shows the 32bit Program directory of Mp3tag.
The second path shows the full %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources directory with all the *.src files.

I assume, you have installed Mp3tag in Windows 11 as "Standard Installation" and not as "Portable"?

Does it work, if you copy & paste %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources in the search box
and press ENTER ?

Thanks for the reply. I had assumed that it is there too. Did you upgrade your Win10 installation? I did a clean install of Win11 on a new SSD and installed MP3Tag via standard installation.

Copy and paste in Win+R and was my first action and I was surprised to get the answer the directory doesn't exist.
I then spend an hour searching to no avail. Maybe it's the difference between a clean install and upgrading.

But installing the SCR files in "Program Files (x86)\MP3tag\data\sources" actually worked. I just had to restart MP3Tag and all my scripts and defined actions were there.

Me too, in a Virtual Machine as test environment. I still use Windows 10 for my daily work.

Do you sign on with an "Administrator" account with full admin rights or a default "User" account?

It's most likely due to Mp3tag being installed as Portable installation instead of the Standard installation. Installing to Program Files as portable makes the situation even more tricky.

Another option: you've copied your existing mp3tag.cfg to Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\ which makes Mp3tag think that it's a portable installation.

You refer to this setup screen, right?


So perhaps a little note in the "About" box that shows the installation method that is assumed by the currently running MP3tag program might help (for support requests).

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