Location of MTE files

After I downloaded some MTE files (export templates) I copied them into the export folder. However, MP3tag didn't pick them up. I created some new MTE files, and that worked. But those didn't appear in the export folder... After a search on my hard drive, it appeared the export folder under the Program Files folder is there but not used. The one that is used is under the user directory's Application Data/mp3tag/export.

Is there a way to change that? I hate the My Documents etc. for user files (they're OK for temporary data, though, just anything I don't need in a backup) and can set all my programs to use different directories. But I can't seem to find a setting for this. I've checked for INI files and scanned the reguistry...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can copy mp3tag.cfg to the Program Files\Mp3tag folder then settings are read from there

Cool, thanks! Never occurred to me to explore the mp3tag folder in the data folder...