Lock selected row to grid position on column sort?


Is it possible to lock the selected row to grid location when doing column sorts?

Currently, when doing sorts, the selected rows will stay locked to names or paths (or something internal) rather than original row position.

If I'm sorting to check for lowest or highest values of a column, I generally have to use the home or end keys to navigate back to the top or bottom of the grid because the file that was selected ends up in the middle of the grid.

If I'm looking at a single album with 15 tracks it's not a big deal because I can see all the tracks without scrolling. If I'm looking at a few hundred or a thousand tracks, it gets tedious because the selected row moves around.

Currently using version 3.02.


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It will become a problem if more than one track is selected and the new sorting order catapults them to opposite ends of the list.
It also will be a problem if all files are selected.
But perhaps the discussion is not at an end.

Thanks for the response. I'm not sure if I'm understanding your response correctly.

Let's say I have row #1 (first track at the very top of the grid) selected out of 200 tracks.

If I continuously toggle/sort the Artist column between ascending and descending, I would like to always have the selected row be the first track on the top of the grid. The main reason for this is because it would prevent the scrollbar from moving on sorts.

Currently, the the selected row on the grid changes based on where the originally selected track falls on the sort. The scrollbar moves to show where the selected row is and I have to use the home key to view the top-most values after the sort.

It may seem like a trivial thing, but If I'm doing a lot of processing and using sorts to validate values exist in all columns, not having to use a keyboard key to go back to the top or bottom of the grid would save me a lot of time.

Not sure if that helps or not.

Is it possible to lock the selected row on sorts?

Not that I know of.
BTW: I could imagine a number of workflows where cliniging to the row position instead of the file would be just as contra-productive as having to jump to the top or to the bottom.
As soon as you edit something like Artist name from e.g. "Beatles" to "The Beatles", you would be glad if you could see all the other files that also feature "The Beatles" now.
The same applies to more or less any kind of modification that deals with the first letters in a sorted column.
The idea "then make it an option if it does not fit your workflow" - wouldn't toggling the option be much more cumbersome than using the already built-in functions?
I fear that having set the option to one behaviour would require to have it set just to the other one for my next step.

You don't need to use the keyboard if you right-click on a scrollbar and use the context menu functions "top" and "bottom" to move the slider to either end.

But I see your point that your workflow is currently not taken care of in the directest way.

I agree that a setting for desired row selection or scrollbar behaviors would be best. I wasn't sure if there was a way to change it currently.

It's actually not the selected row that I really care about - just the scrollbar changing positions. I assume that the scrollbar is programmed to automatically move to focus on the selected row (or some other algorithm like an inversion of position).

I vaguely remember using a much older version of mp3tag where the scrollbar position didn't change. I could be mistaken.

Thanks for the help.