Log-in Problems with New Forum

My previous log-in failed with the new software. The error message was

Incorrect username, email or password

When I tried to reregister, my old user name "Doug Mackie" (which is also my real name) was rejected because it has a space in it. It turns out that without my knowledge, my username was changed to "Doug_Mackie". In addition, my old password was rejected because it is now too short. Both changes are OK by me but members with spaces in their old user names and/or short passwords need to know about this change. They can still log in to their old account by using their e-mail address (not a user name with a space) and by then choosing "I forgot my password". I was mystified until I figured this out on my own.

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Hello Doug,

the old forums software had two different member names — the login member name (Doug_Mackie) and the display member name (Doug Mackie).

Till now, I thought that users always had to use the login member name with the old forums software, but apparently it applied some magic here when member names contained spaces.

Glad you've figured this by yourself and thanks for sharing! I think that others affected by this issue, will eventually find this post to help them get started.

FYI: I had to change my password as it was less than 10 characters long also as I couldn't log in with the old one.

I had to use the forgot password method to do so.

Me too.
I now to write morr than 20 characters for sumitting the answer. :wink:

Good point. I'd like to keep this restriction and have legacy passwords changed that do not follow the requirements.

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When I was asked to log in on the new forum, it said I cold not but it also already sent me e-mail with instructions. But I did not get that mail and I have searched the SPAM. So I requested another- I waited but nothing came. So I requested a change of e-mail address- it allowed me to write it down just to tell me a step later that I was not allowed to do that. So I did last thing that I could before creating a new account [I already had a new name ready: User Formerly Known As Zerow]- which was to reset the password. And to my surprise that message came through. And so I am able to function with my old account

I experienced the same login issue fwiw, and my handle doesn't contain spaces. Also had an existing 20 character, randomly generated password. Had to reset via email.