Logic based on existance of folder.jpg

I was hoping someone could quickly tell me if MP3Tag can do something like this:

  1. check album directory to see if there is a folder.jpg file
  2. if folder.jpg exists, then do nothing
  3. if folder.jpg does not exist, then Extract embedded art from any of the music files as folder.jpg

easy enough to do it manual for a couple of directories, but I want to do it across large chunks of my music collection.

reason is I'm cleaning up a bunch of embedded art that is either very large jpgs or ones with multiple embedded jpgs. I'm using dbpoweramp to 1) clean all embedded art out, resize my folder.jpg to 500x500 and embed that single file in the music files.

Thanks in advance!

If you do not want to import any of the folder.jpg but only rely on the embedded ones then it would be easiest to delete all folder.jpg first and then re-create them with an export of the embedded covers.
It is easiest to do that with command shell commands in the top-most folder:

attrib /s -h -s *.jpg
del /s folder.jpg

Then load the whole collection into mp3tag and use an action of the type "Export album cover". Ender "folder" as filename.

Thank you for that suggestion.

I should have explained a little more detail of why I'm doing it this way. I'm keeping my original high quality folder.jpgs, as drive space is cheap. Most of mine I scanned myself are 1400x1400 and above. The reason I want to keep them is sometime in the future I may want to go back and do the same process all over again to update the embedded art to, let's say, 800x800. My process of working with the existing folder.jpg can easily go back and forth by preserving the original folder.jpg.
I can also use this process to build mp3s from my flac for another device where it may be optimal at even a different format for that device.

It just seems to me that MP3Tag should have a way to 1) check the working album directory for folder.jpg, 2) if it doesn't exist, then extract art from one of the files to folder.jpg 3) if it does exist then your done.

the reason I need this process is my process above will only work if there is a folder.jpg.

You can take a workaround.

  1. Create an action "Extract Cover to file" with the filename "folder" and allow duplicate files.
    Mp3Tag will extract all covers to folder.jpg and if there already exists a "folder.jpg" it will create one with the name "folder(1).jpg".

  2. Delete all pictures which are not named "folder.jpg".
    For this you use the windows-explorer and go the dircetory above all your music-folders.
    In the filter field on the upper right corner you enter
    "System.Kind:=foto AND system.filename:<>folder.jpg".
    All picture files except those names as "folder.jpg" will get listet. You can mark them and delete them.

As the folder.jpg is prone to get overwritten by wmp and is a system file in that respect, I would suggest that you use a filename that uses parts of the tag data, e.g.:
Like this you can even add other cover types like back cover or inlet as you can use the wildcard syntax.