Logical/Maths Operators not Working

the problem was this

$if(%year%=0 .... simply did not work. it evaluated TRUE for every record. btw, this was literal '0's, not nulls.

i tried all sorts of different variations, but none of them actuallly worked as expected

eventually I gave up and did a work-around instead

but i would still like to know why it didn't work

by the way, i have solved all other fixes/problems, often with my great app Bulk Renamer Utility to help a lot - albeit for File Name only

btw, are variables case-sensitive? eg in above is Year == year?

This does not match the MP3tag syntax. there is no comparator =. You would have to use $eql().
See here:

You could have tried $if($eql(%year%,0),yes,no)

No, they are not. case-sensitive

hmmm. so no normal maths/logical operators?
ok, but very unusual.
but once you know, you can dfo as above as you suggest (with approp string reults)

many thanks

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