Long Filename Highlight


Just new to this great app, finding my way round all the actions which have been a great help to me...

Is there an action for this, I would like the filename to be highlighted or to stand out in some way if it is more than 64 Characters then I could edit them to what I would like...


  1. Click on menuitem 'View / Customize columns...'
  2. Highlight 'Filename' on the left
  3. Edit field 'Value' in the right: change %_filename_ext% to $ifgreater($len(%_filename%),64,*,)%_filename_ext%
  4. Click OK

There will be an asterisk before the filenames longer the 64 character (without the extension).


Thank you, tried what you said and it does show the asterisk but it then won't let me edit the filename, when I try to edit, it gives me this message - The Filename, Directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect


Create a new column just beside the filename column and give it the value

It tells you the currrent length of the filename when filename is longer than 64 characters (including extension).

Other example:

It tells you how many characters have to be cut.


Cheers DetlevD,

Have added both of your actions, work a treat...


Oops, I see the problem in my version. If you try to edit the filename (clicking on it), the asterisk should be removed manually (because it is not allowed in a filename). So Detlev's separate column solution is much better. :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,

Got it sorted but thanks for taking the time to reply to my request...