Looking for a good (preferably very good) playlist manager

Having spent several years sorting my folders and tags (thanks mp3tag!!), I'm now looking for a good playlist manager.

Anyone got any recommendations?

I'm looking for something with:
d&d support
create absolute as well as relative pathed items
easy editing/maintenance
clean interface
multi format support

Don't mind paying a few bucks but would prefer something wallet friendly :smiley:


edit: for my use, basic foobar2000 with the "FACETS" add-in, allows tremendous flexibility. And buried in fb2k is all sorts of power for managing a multi-file type library.

Thanks, I've had a good look but way too much in there to fit what I'm looking for.

I have a good ripper, tagger and player already that I've invested time and money in setting up and even though I'm sure it's great, it's overkill to manage playlists I feel.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Maybe Mp3tag can be of help there. I know, it's probably not a "Playlist Manager" but it allows for loading, creating, and editing of playlists. Regarding your requirements:

  • It supports drag'n'drop for loading playlists, adding files and reordering files.
  • It supports absolute and relative file paths (see Options > Playlist).
  • It supports multiple formats.
I don't want to give a statement on the other two points, since those always depend on personal impression.

Kind regards,