Looking for Converter Filename-Tag

This doesn't seem to work any longer. I don't even see Filename-Tag-Converter anywhere.

Where did you look?
I would try the menu "Convert".

That was the first place I looked. I figured out a way though. I press Alt2 and in the dialog box that pops up I just type over what is there with %filename% - %title% and that accomplishes my task.

Thank You

If that is an accurate representation of what you typed in then you have now created a user-defined field called FILENAME.
If you want to refer to the property filename, then the correct reference would be %_FILENAME%
You can check that in the extended tags dialogue Alt-T

If you need further help then please show us screenshots of the filename and the dialogue box in which enter the mask to retrieve information from the filename.

It is still quite available in the Convert menu at the top of the window, second option from the top.

This automatically assumes you are using the filename as the source for the value. Simply add %Title% or use the menu there to select it, and it will copy the filename contents to that field.

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