Looking for help with a filename expression

Hello all,

Just need some quick help. I'm looking for assistance on making a Tag-Filename expression that turns forward slashes "/" or Backslashes "" into hyphens "-" and if possible remove any leading or trailing spaces from filenames as well.

So say a file with a title like this.



01.blah - blah - blah.mp3

This is my normal file rename string

Not a huge deal on the leading/trailing spaces but a replacer for the slashes would be great. I appreciate any and all assistance.

Convert-menue Tag - Filename:

$trim(%track%).$trim($replace(%title%,/, - ,, - ))

I think you dont only want to get rid of leading or trailing spaces of the filename but of the patts of the filename too.
So the trim() is needed 2 times: for the track and for the title.

Instead of this I recommend to delete the leading/trailing spaces already in the tags and not in the filename.

Try as format string:
$num(%track%,2).$validate($trim($replace(%title%,/, - )), )

(... beaten by poster ...)

That worked perfectly, thank you.