Looking for help with the batch job to replace accented and non english characters

I'm looking to replace all the accented characters in my file names and title-artist field with regular english characters.

Its about 500 tracks.

Any help

I'm on Mac

I once made a quick one in my scripts with 20 regex : have fun :


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Thank you very much.

I'm also trying to remove invalid characters that will not work in Windows.

things like ", ? etc in file names

I had a look at this thread but i'm not getting any joy

You can enable the configuration setting Preferences → General → Replace invalid NTFS characters to let Mp3tag replace them automatically when renaming.

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I've removed some posts in this topic that referenced scripting functions not available on the Mac version of Mp3tag.

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Thanks for the reply. I have this enabled already, just not sure if its working.

Does it check folder names as well?

Eg i have all my Music in one Folder lets call this "DJ MUSIC"

This has subfolders and some of them date back to when i was using i-tunes to manage my music (bad bad bad idea). I have not done this in the last 10 years. I no longer manage my music this way - I use my own structure now basically Genre as Folder and files go into that.

So i have Folders like

  • D'Angelo with his albums has subfolder
  • Beyoncé folder with her albums as well

These all work perfectly on Mac btw, but trying to use same drive on windows i have ran into trouble with these illegal characters.