Looking for opinions on Aphabetizing/Folder Naming

With the exception of compilations and soundtracks, all of my albums are in an "Artist""Album" folder structure. They are alphabetized by last name or band name, etc.

I have a number of albums with multiple artists. For example, Brian Eno & Harold Budd (some in the format of Brian Eno/Harold Budd).

Following my alphabetizing/folder structure, I would think the artist folder should be named "Eno, Brian & Budd, Harold" (or "Eno, Brian-Budd, Harold" since I use "-" in place of ":" and "/" for folders and filenames), but I wanted to see what others have done in this case.


My organization is pretty complex. For regular music it's:
Main Genre/Sub-Genre/Band/TypeOfAlbum/[Year] - Album Name/Disc # - name of disc (if applicable)/Band - Track - Title (additional info as applicable)

The type of album is studio album, live album, ep, single, misc, demos, etc
If an album is less then half the tracks it goes to the misc folder. If it's more it goes to an incomplete folder.

For various artists. I put them in the genre folder then Various Artists/ then [year] - album name/Track - Artist - Track

Is it intended to rip apart albums that contain various kinds of music? I know a lot of artists that feature various styles / genres of music on a single album.

I wasn't sure how to do it myself.
In the end i just use the artist name for sorting, which i find more important, or sometimes who comes first. Everything else is done by tags and not in the file explorer.
I grand you, it is not optimal.
Maybe with artist that allways work together I would assume them as a band name like Simon & Garfunkel, without first names.
Somehow one has to decide for each case seperatly.

The advantage of writing: "Eno, Brian-Budd, Harold" would be, that you could search for "Budd, Harold" in the file explorer.

But as you, I would be very much interested how other solved this particular problem.