Looking for scripts for google album art and last.fm (genre finder)

Hy - me again :smiley: ,

as I've seen the guys over at mediamonkey developed some scripts, to grab album art
from google and genre info from last.fm (http://trixmoto.net/mm/scripts.php?id=1)
isn't this possible for MP3Tag too?
just to make sure, not to start the "is the genre really usefull" discussion (I'm not sure, yet :flushed: )



What is wrong with the existing Web Sources?

Are the covers from Google better/bigger then the one from amazon and all the existing sources or why do you ask for this source?

Hy LyricsLover,

the overall quality is probable not as good as with the other sources - but occassionly you get covers
which the other web sources don't have/find...