looping in genre

Hi there,

I'm doing a batch script to create windows softlink from my mp3 directories for lazy access.

Here's exemple of my problem say i've got 3 songs
songA from artist A with genre Dance & contentgroup Dance
songB from artist B with genre pop & contentgroup pop
songC from artist C with genre Dance; pop & contentgroup Dance

I'm trying to have a final directory structures looking like

  • song A
  • Song C
  • song B
  • song C <-- this one i don't get because 1st loop limit the second one.

i'd like to do some
$ifgreater($strstr(%genre%,%contentgroup%),0,mklink "%genre%\%_filename_ext%" "%_filename_ext%")

any idea? (of course there's not only 2 genre so if you hardcode pop or genre you loose :wink: )

I see that nobody seems to have a real idea. And honestly, I do not understand, what you want.
Could you describe your problem with other words and as concrete as possible (and not just examples of an artista and artistb)? Perhaps this inspires someone.

thx for the answer :slight_smile:

I've organised my music by artists folder in which i put all the music (don't really care about album information)
Picardz & lastfm plugins allowed for really nice information tagging.
Now my idea is to use Windows NTFS hardlinking capabilities to duplicate all this music in other folders by genre, décades, genre deacdes, décades genre and in each folder two subfolder with files named as title - artist & artist title.
So ultimately i'lle be allowed to browse generic search criteria from "basic" Windows folder structure to easily fill any mp3 player queue list.
Using hardlinking even if the files appear 5 or 20 times in different subfolder it's still using the same disk space as was occupied originnally.

The "batch" is to recreate all the criteria folders structure easily once in a while from original artist/file when i've added some new files (copying files wouldn't create hard link)

Well i must say that first tests were working lie a charm I join the script if you want to have a look.

Then i realised that using the "main" genre was quite limitating and was wondering if i could add main_genre & full_genre folders with tests like:
$ifgreater($strstr(%genre%,'Rock'),0,mklink /h "C:\antoine\tst_mp3\tri\tris\Rock_full\Titre - Artiste\%title% - %artistsort%.%_extension%" "%_folderpath%%_filename_ext%",)

for that either I browse all files with each "genre" test or I find a way to work all genre as I'm looking at a file.

Well sorry was a bit long.
Anyhow i've found a workaround, I just use mp3tag export habilities to browse all genre &... to create a mp3tag export mte file with all the hardlinking I want.

So workaround found don't bother :slight_smile:

and thx for the support, mp3tag is really helpfull for batch processing/conversions.

test_batch.mte (9.06 KB)