Loose track number and catalog ID after converting music


I'm using MP3tag to tag my music. Typically I use the Discogs tag source functionality to fill all the need fields. When converting a music (I tried several converter) I loose track number and catalog ID information. Please see the picture (AIF to FLAC).

What should I do so the tags are fully preserved ?

Thank you

It could be that you have to add a mapping for these fields:
See Tools>Options>Tags>Mapping
(in my installation there is already a mapping for TRACK:
Tag: VorbisCOmment
Target: TRACK

You can also check if the converter you're using is actually writing those fields to the target FLAC file at all. You can see all fields that are in there via the extended tag dialog at Alt + T.

If those fields are not present, you can select the source AIF file in the file list and press Ctrl + C to copy the tag to the clipboard. Then select the target FLAC file and Ctrl + V to paste the tag to the file. This also works with multiple files at once, their order must match.

I'm using XLD on Mac. Apparently it does not contain catalogID so that's probably the reason...
Ideally I would like to find a converter that keeps literally all the tags I set with MP3Tag. Would you know one ? I'd like to avoid doing steps manually cause I have a lot to convert.

You could try FFMPEG.
But be warned, there is no colorful GUI, just a plain command line.

You have to use a command like
ffmpeg -y -i in.aiff out.flac
to convert your *.aif files to *.flac

Sorry, I can't help you with problems occuring on a Mac.

Besides ffmpeg, you can also try https://dbpoweramp.com/. It's not free, but has a version for macOS.