Losing quality?



I'm new to Mp3Tag, and also to the forums - so sorry if this has already been discussed. I'm using version 2.36, and I was just wondering if when editing mp3 ID3 tags it will lose any of the audio quality of the files, the more times you edit a track? Eg. if I was to rename the tag, say 1 or 1000 times, would I notice any loss in sound quality on the mp3?



No quality loss, except if you have a bad controller or something that causes data loss, but this is very, very rare.


Cool. Just was a bit worried that I might be losing quality if I needed to re-edit the tags for spelling mistakes/adding more info etc. What's a "bad controller" by the way?


Forget about it. :slight_smile: In some rare cases, the hardware might have problems or incompatibilities causing data corruption.