Losing %track% and %year% tags when moving files with format value.

OK, i've looked through a lot of the forum and come across this problem once before, but it didn't seem to be resolved. I'm currently digitising my entire collection and have some stored on a WHS server and some on a local HDD. Now consolidating on my new Qnap server. Thats the background.

All files are ripped to FLAC with dB Poweramp, have embedded artwork and i use the usual artist/album convention.

I use Mp3Tag to check all the details are right and maybe tweak a file name, genre etc, then move them across my wired network to the qnap server using the format value quick action, so _DIRECTORY as the field with Q:\%artist%\%year% - %album%\%track%.%title% as the format string. Q: is my Lossless_albums server.

All the files and covers move perfectly, but when i reopen the tags now stored on the server Year and Track number are blank.

I can rewrite using filename to tag: %artist%\%year% - %album%\%track%.%title% I don't lose the data if i copy the files across manually, but i'd like to stick with doing it internally to get all the directory format the same.

Using my trusty win XP service pack 3 machine to do this, haven't fired up the win 7 , but i will soon. So, thats the issue