Loss of settings after closing mp3 tag

Hello, every mp3 tag closure all my settings do not backup, I try to reinstall mp3 tag, nothing done.
My pc is windows 10, i use mp3 tag since very logntemps
thank you in advance

Check which folder is used by MP3tag to store its settings.
You must have full access rights for this folder, better even: be the owner.
Esp. if you use an installation that has been migrated from WXP, it is likely that your access rights are not set properly.

Hello, I have not found my settings as the personal genres, in no folder, the windows 10 is nicely installed on the pc, the settings are missing since an mp3 tag reinstallion, and since every mp3 closure Tag all disappeared

see the FAQs on folders for MP3tag settings:

If you have a folder %appdata% (type this word into the address bar of the Windows Explorer and press enter) then check if you fine a folder MP3tag.
It could be that you do not have sufficient access rights. Usually that folder is hidden.

Or you have installed MP3tag in a program folder before you switched to W10 but you do not own that folder or have no write permissions for that folder.
Or you use MP3tag with a different user id than the one with which you installed it.
Take ownership of all the folders that relate to MP3tag somehow.

I have the files, mp3 tag, I decompressed the archive mp3 setting,
Besides the files decompress├ęs exists already in mp3 file
But result of this decompression or not,
The software re-operates and keeps my settings
thank you very much