Lossless video cutter that preserves tags

I've tried countless video cutters to clip videos and none of them copies the tag info from the original to the clip. Anybody know of one that does?

I've tried Vdub, Avidemux, LosslessCut, MpegStreamclip, and a few others. I haven't tried ffmpeg but want a GUI not command line solution.

After a trip, I immediately tag all my videos while it's fresh in my mind to organize everything and allow me to find things later.

Then I'll go back as time allows and pull the useful clips from videos. I prefer lossless cutters to preserve quality and save quickly even if it limits me to key frames. I'll save the clip to the name of the original file followed by clip01, clip02, etc.

Since tags are never preserved, I'll go back to MP2Tag, sort by name, and copy/paste tags from an original to it's clips. I'd really like to dispense with this simple but tedious step.

Did you get such; somewhere else?

If you do, please post the name of it here

Nope. Either not many people are doing it like I do or there isn't any such solution. What I am doing as an alternative is using a clip cutter to make clips named with the original filename as the base. LossLessCut automatically does this, naming the cut with the original name and appending the start and end times of the cut. Then in Mp3Tag the clips appear sequentially following the original and it's pretty simple to do a Tag Copy from the original and Tag Paste to the clips. Which isn't too much of hassle but it would just be easier if the tags were copied to the clips automatically, which seems to me would be a really easy feature to implement.

After further experience, I have to recommend against LossLessCut.

So much potential and I've really come to like how the output filename is the original fielname with the start/end clip times appended. This has been so helpful in determining where in the original video the clip originated and saving time in naming output files. It's a feature I haven't seen in anything else.

But it mangles files and based on reading issues in the Github for this software project, it is because it does not cut on keyframes. Without getting technical, a keyframe is a standalone frame that contains all the info needed to display it. They occur every couple hundred frames. The other frames contain only differential data from previous frame.

Fault tolerant players like VLC will play these clips but Gopro Studio won't play them at all. Some apps will play them but the first few seonds are black.

Machete cuts losslessly, supports keyframes, and seems to preserve basic tags (not all) which is the topic of this thread. It's now a leading candidate. However, it's not free ($19.95 is not a big deal though).

So does this story ends with Machete?

No, I decided against Machete but that is probably the best solution for most people.

My solution is I wrote some Powershell scripts to use ffmpeg to derive the clip begin/end times from the Lossless clips, scan the original file for keyframes, adjust the clip times to nearest keyframe, recut the clip to an adjusted filename, then delete the Lossless clip. So I'm using Lossless as the GUI to create the clip and when I'm done I run my script which fixes all the clips in the folder.

Lossless is so close to being the right tool. The developers are actively trying to solve the issue. Hopefully soon it will happen.

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