Lost all my Filters

Hello, the last time I reinstalled mp3tag I lost all my filters. All of my other settings/customisations are fine (columns, genres, etc). only my filters are completely missing. I had a TON of them, so I really would like to get them back. I have multiple backups of my user/app data. Can someone please tell me which app data (or other) file contains the filters? Thank you!

mp3tag.cfg file AFAIK.

But it's an encrypted protected file it seems.

Make a backup of the old install in case something goes wrong and replace your backup mp3tag.cfg over the new one.

I've never personally had an issue with what you say.

See the FAQs for the various places to look for MP3tag files:

The rest has been told by user stevehero.

I copied over/replaced that file with my old one and it WORKED! THANK YOU SteveHero!

No problemo.. Glad to help. Maybe worth sticking this is the bugs section for the dev florian to look into so it doesn't happen again.

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