Lost Connection to files and tags

I have been using mp3tag to edit tags in Vault2i (rip and store) device. I was able to access the files via a network connection to my computer (creating a network-based Z: drive on the computer). Today that drive disappeared and all attempts to connect via the computer to the Vault have failed. BUT -- Vault itself is connected (via wifi) and its OS permits me to play any of the ripped CDs, including new ones since this problem occurred. What I cannot do is access the files stored there with the tags (i.e. the Change Directory command in mp3tag does not work, because it cannot find the directory), in order to modify them with mp3tag. I have been running round in circles trying to figure out how to do this (or indeed, how I did it in the first place). Would it help to uninstall mp3tag and then reinstall it (and where are the instructions for accessing a "new" device)? Several hours of frustration are lost forever. Can anyone help?

I doubt that this has anything to do with MP3tag but much more with your OS network setup.
And if it has worked once but it does not work now - what has changed in the meantime?