Lots filter in list: Show only that user want is better imho

Few days ago I have discovered mp3TAG program version 2.39f.
In these years, to manage my collection of mp3, I have always used the freeware program: mp3control 0.74 and proving Mp3Tag software I have discovered that they are in some aspects similar.
If programmer accept a suggestion, to improve the program, in my opinion, is a good thing, in addiction, permit user to choose how fields shows in the filter search, as the program do for example, showing the column fields that user wants to screen. Infact in this case is user that selects what he wants to show and it is a great thing if user can choose also how field-filter shows (When he are searching, using a "key search" for example into "conductor" or "band" or other.... fields. NOT a list of thirty fields into filter option menu, but only that user wants in the order that user wants as in column grid program do.

I hope that writing in this forum I can have answer if this feauture will be possible in future or
there is not possibility


I've managed to parse your suggestion. Improvement of filter is already on my internal wish list but definitely won't make it to v2.40.

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