Love 2.34 and the fixes BUT...



love the new version especially the Copy DiscID - general setting.

1 problem and 1 future enhancement.


When the dialog box "List of search results..." appears and you are happy with the first entry in the list, and you hit the tab key while the highlighted box moves from Preview to OK, Control is still with the preview button. so if you hit enter - the preview appears rather than the selection being 'selected'.


It would be nice to have a lightening flashed Freedb icon that by passes the freedb selection. It would also be nice to have a shortcut for the same flashed freedb button.




thanks for your feedback!

Both the fixed problem and the implemented feature request are available with the latest Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Thanks for those additions Florian, but I have to agree with smcpoland, what would really be nice is to have a button dedicated to a quick freedb search. The way it's coded now, it's a shortcut to the last used web source function. With both options on the toolbar, we could setup freedb and our prefered websource for other purposes, and use them sequentially.

But anyways, thanks again for the most extraordinary program! Everyday I use it, I discover some new trick!!


Well All I can say is THANK YOU.

The new quick FreeDB is fantastic and with the Shortcut very very easy to use...I still find my self doing it the old way every now and then but am getting used to it very very quickly.

Thanks again