Lower case for specific words

I have my collection tagged in a mix case conversion format like this :

Kings Of Leon - Because Of The Time
Basically I want all little words such as "of", "the", "to", "or", etc to be in lower case :
Kings of Leon - Because of the Time
But it should not apply when these words start the string :
To Rococo Rot - The Amateur View and not to Rococo Rot - the Amateur View
I could use this solution Regular expression to convert case to Case, with exceptions But it will re-tag all the artist fields and some have a specific format : edIT, YACHT, ElectroniCAT, etc.

I'm sure mp3tag can do that, but I can't figure out how.
Does anyone have an idea ? :slight_smile:

So my thread hasn't inspired anyone?

Can you tell me if it's even feasible or not?

The example is already quite good. It does not change your artists the way you said.
If you want to be sure you can change
Field: _ALL
Field: TITLE

Here's also a little change so it does not change
To Rococo Rot - The Amateur View
To Rococo Rot - the Amateur View

Field: TITLE
RegEx: (?<!-)\s(a|an|and|as|at|by|but|for|in|of|on|or|out|the|to)(?=\s)
Replace matches with: $lower($0)

Oh yea, I had even not tested but you are right, it works like a charm

Hi again. I'm really happy with this RegEx. Mainly I try to follow these guidelines:

So one thing I'd like to know is point #3 is possible: "Always capitalize the first and last word of a title, even if it would otherwise be lowercase"
Bring it on and on => Bring it on and On

Just a little question:
Is this capitalization guide valid for 'rateyourmusic.com' or is this an approved standard for capitalizing artist names, record labels, album and song titles in english?

So far, I'm using this (not so detailed) one: http://musicbrainz.org/doc/Capitalization_Standard_English

Try this for the last word:

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Field: TITLE
Regular expression: \b(\l)(\w*?)$
Replace matches with: $upper($1)$2

[x] case-sensitive comparison

Use the following scripting line with action "format value" in order to capitalize the first letter of the first and last word of a string:


Actually, is there a way to combine your suggestions with the RegEx I'm currently using :

Field: _ALL
RegEx: (?<!-)\s(a|an|the|and|but|or|nor|for|yet|so|as|at|by|for|in|of|on|to)(?=\s)
Replace matches with: $lower($0)
[] case-sensitive comparison

So the above can still apply EXCEPT if "a|an|the|(...)" is the last word.

//I've checked musicbrainz guidelines and they are pretty much the same, just a little bit more detailed.

Could anyone tell if it's possible to include an "except" function to a RegEx as can be seen above?

"Above" there can be seen something different things.
Please explain what you want to achieve.


The regex has (?=\s) at the end wich means it only works when the words a|an|the... are followed by a space character which is not the case if the word is the last one.

Aha I feel so dumb,.. it's the second time in the same topic that I'm asking something that is already done by this RegEx.

Many thanks ^_^

Just another question, is it possible to add different values in "Field", or I should create another action?

I Tried "Field: TITLE,ALBUM" and Field: TITLE;ALBUM" but it won't work

Did you find any reason or description in the Mp3tag manual to do so?
If that does not work, then read the manual and surf through the forum to find any hint to do it the right way, there are plenty of examples to help you, ... although .... your question seems to be a new one.

To shorten the search process for you ...
You can create a second action for the second field, both actions can be combined in an actiongroup.


That's what I had just say

The shortest answer to this sort of question is: Yes.