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Is there any automatized way to get lyrics for any song or pod-cast just enabling an access to the Internet and choosing the desired files??? I've tried the free-db, but that seems to give only the basic information, say; artist, album, title... But nothing about lyrics !!!

Any idea? Many thanks

N.B: I'm interested in two or tree URL where I can get lyrics, but want mp3tag go there and copy lyrics for my whole compilation :book: :music: :book: :music: :book: :music:

Why don't you use the search function in this forum?
This would come up e.g. with
perhaps you find keywords that lead you to other threads.

Oh sorry ohrenkino, I must had make myself clear from the beginning, I'm familiar with the import proceeding for lyrics song by song, my issue was about how to load lyrics for different songs by different artists and in different albums at the same time, just choose the files and import by bulk.

I've tried to select different files and feeddb them, but the lyrics imported were those of the first song, and that apply them to all songs !!!

I've tried the search, but possibly I'm doing something wrong or don't use the correct keywords, as I can't find anything related. Your help, if possible, is welcomed.

Thank you.

Once you have discovered a website from where bulk download of lyrics text is legal and freely allowed, then there is a way to do it - perhaps not with Mp3tag - but there are other ways to do so - perhaps not by you- but by other people (programmers).


I'll try:

Thank you for the replies

I'd like to use the followings websites:

That's exactly what I want to do, unfortunately even with following exactly the instructions in the pdf, the "Lyrics.exe" doesn't seem to import anything (Checked firewall and all premises to access the net), in fact when I execute directly the lyrics.exe, that seems to bring lyrics for files with available data in the net, but individually

Thanks again