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Most of my files are .m4a formats and I have this player on my android phone that supports showing lyrics. When I use the UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag and put that song on my phone, the lyrics doesn't have line breaks. How to fix this?

Do the lyrics have linebreaks in the original tag field?
It could be that you have only as a linebreak but in fact you might need for a fully qualified linebreak (which is in fact a single line paragraph then).

So: try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for UNSYNCEDLYRICS
Search string: \n
Replace string: \r\n
Run only once per file.

In Mp3tag you can check a file, which contains the tag-field UNSYNCEDLYRICS, ...
whether this tag-field contains "line break characters" ...
... one "carriage return" (CR) ASCII 13
... or one "linefeed" (LF) ASCII 10
... or the combination of both (CRLF).

Mp3tag Filter:

Check the player, whether the player is adjustable to understand a specific line break.
If the player is not adjustable, then detect the wanted linebreak from a track, which has a tag-field UNSYNCEDLYRICS with proper line breaks, shown by the player.

Use Mp3tag to change the text content in the tag-field UNSYNCEDLYRICS, ...
and replace the existing line breaks with the specifically needed line break.


I tried this method and saved it succefully but the lyrics still don't have line breaks but in mp3tag's unsyncedlyrics field it looks like this:

Never took your side

Never cursed your name

I keep my lip shut tight

SO I have this song with proper line breaks and used the three filter you suggest and the song shows up in every filter. What should I do next?

Yes I would think so - if you have \r\n then the lyrics match \n and \r and \r\n ...
Probably a filter with
%unsyncedlyrics% MATCHES [A-z]\n[A-z]
would lead to better results.

Here is an alternative.
Open a real word processor (like MS word or OO writer).
Copy the lyrics from the audio file to a blank document in the word processor.
Set the view options in the word processor so that you see the control characters like paragraph and tab.
Check the line end: does it show as last character the control character for parapgraph or for linebreak.
If it is only linebreak then replace these with the paragraph control character.

And if all this does not help, then you have to check your phone settings if you can un-tick an option that removes allegedly superfluous linebreaks ...
I don't know where to find that - the Windows Editor has such a setting and Outlook likes to do that, too.

  1. Your test response let assume that there is already a text in the tag-field UNSYNCEDLYRICS, which have linebreak sequences of \r\n.
    But we are not sure yet, whether there are linebreaks of all sorts in the text.

  2. Did you check the configuration of the player, how it can be adjusted to show linebreaks?

  3. You can do another test.
    Use the attached dummy test file.
    01_Dummy_USLT_CRLF.mp3 (2.12 KB)
    Mp3tag should show 5 lines in the tag-field UNSYNCEDLYRICS

xxx||line 1

line 2
line 3
line 4
line 5

What does the player display?


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01_Dummy_USLT_CRLF.mp3 (2.12 KB)