Lyrics in Left Panel+Final Save

Lyrics in Left Panel allows only a single Line,it is really difficult to Right Click a file goto extended Lyrics,then to unsynced lyrics,then paste the whole lyrics :angry:
Is there a solution to this?
Many Other free Tag Editors allow this feature,even media players like J.River,etc...
I am desperate,I am suffering a lot to add lyrics to my 3000 Songs!!! :angry:
Also there is no time synced Lyrics Support,Even I can't copy from Website! :angry:

Every time I add tag I have to hit Ctrl+S,but why can't I set the tags for all my files then when I close MP3TAG,It would ask if i want to save the changes I made to the Tags(Like MS Word,Notepad, Wordpad, Etc...) :angry:
This is very important factor
Many Tag Editors allow this <_<
Simple it must save automatically, that is, when I edit the tags of a file and move to the other,it must save the tag of the file automatically,this feature is also not there <_<
Please these are very Important

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: