Lyrics in mp3

Hi all,

I saw my question somewhere in the forum but I can't find it so I will ask it again. Sorry for that :slight_smile:

I've added lyrics for a song, embeded it in the mp3 and put it on the left panel to see it. The only trouble is, I see only one line. So it is not praticle, for the moment, to save lyrics in the files. But, I saw that we could link a text file with the lyrics inside to view. How to we do this ?

And also, I suggest, to you brain expert programmers for mp3tag, that it would be the crown acheivment if you could put an option, to the left panel, with mutiple lines, a tag to see the lyrics instantly by selecting the mp3. No other program does that and you have the best there is. The simplest and the most reliable one would become even more number one with this feature !!!!

So that's it... not bad for my first post in this forum !! so be nice please lol

Have a nice day and thanks to all the people that works to make this program the best !!