Lyrics in MP3Tag?!

I'm new in your forum, but I have used MP3Tag for a couple of years. And I must commend you that you are doing a very good job - I've tried several programs for tag editing during the years and MP3Tag Editor is by far the best program I've ever used for this purpose. There was/is some very good programs for tag editing, but none have united simplicity, feature set and advanced tools like yours.

I recent months, I've developed a need to save song lyrics inside mp3 file - and I've found a few plugins and supporting programs that can do just that using WinAmp.
My question/suggestion is: is there a way that you can do something similar in your software? A feature that could allow to save lyrics in mp3 tag. I know that there is general problem of reproduction of lyrics because such plugin should be compatible with some program (like WinAmp)...

If the song text is saved in the ID3v2 tag it should be shown in the UNSYNCEDLYRICS field in Mp3tag.
Please see "View > Extended tags" [Alt+t]