Lyrics in UNSYNCEDLYRICS field


I copied manually lyrics as a test in UNSYNCEDLYRICS field of one mp3 file.
I can now see the lyrics scrolling when this mp3 is played.

On other mp3 files already tagged with lyrics when I bought them, I have another possibility : when I tap on the cover, I can have the full text displayed instead of the cover.

How can I get this possibility when I enter the lyrics manually ?

I have the lyrics of many mp3 in .txt files : is there a way to import them automatically to the UNSYNCEDLYRICS field of the matching file ? For example I have blabla1.mp3 and blabla1.txt ? It seems it is possible but it is not clear to me.

Many thanks for your help.

See Action "Import textfile".


What kind of player is this?
Normally a player that shows lyrics scrolling synchronous while playing needs a special tag-field calle SYLT (Synchronised lyric/text). The tag UNSYNCEDLYRICS is not meant to have informations that make a player show synconous text. There is special software that helps to create SYLT-tag-informations like

I think the features you mention are special features of your player and maybe the player does not get the informations shown from the tags but from an online source?

Where exactly is the problem with the given example from the help text?


I would like to import a variable lyrcs file , for example,

blabla1.txt to blabla1.mp3 "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" field
blabla2.txt to blabla2.mp3 "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" field
blablaN.txt to blablaN.mp3 "UNSYNCEDLYRICS" field

I have more than 200 mp3 and txt file so I cannot do it 200 times... Better manually in that case.

In the example, the name of the file "lyrics.txt" is a Constant. I would like it to be a variable with tne same name and path as the mp3 file itself .

Mark all your files in the list-view.
Then define an action.
Type: Import text file
Filename: %_filename%.txt