Lyrics search scripts - and

Big props to dano for providing the template for the lyrics search scripts.

Based on the template, I created the scripts for LyricWiki and LyricsDownload (this is where I get the other lyrics I can't find from the former or sing365). There are just a few issues with the scripts I created.

  1. I actually used Google search for these sites (they're using it too, anyway), so this is actually the engine used in the scripts to search for the lyrics.

  2. With Google Search, I can't get to accurately show only the links to where the actual lyrics are posted, as artist or album profiles appear alongside, although I was able to "quite" accomplish this for the LyricsWiki script. So it's up to the user to select the correct link during the resulting links selection phase. Perhaps anyone with master skills in Google hacks can help me out here? :smiley:

  3. As for the LyricsWiki script, there are few lyrics pages that contain a different format. If you view the page source for these, you will usually notice them having a

     tag somewhere. There are no end-of-line tag separators in the lyrics portion for these pages so if I use "joinuntil" the CRLF are also removed. I used "if" to process these pages but I can't seem to use a "do" loop inside so is this a nesting limitation?
  4. To better filter out the results, I did some pre-processing for the search string. If you don't like this, simply edit the script and add a comment by inserting the # symbol beside the [SearchBy] line and removing the other one below so you'll only use the title as your default search.

If you have any suggestions or any other help to improve this script, please post replies right away. :music: (939 Bytes) (754 Bytes)