Lyrics tag problem

Hey, I've tried to figure this out but can't make it work.

On many of my files, in the LYRICS field the lyrics are displayed like this:

eng||I see the look of evil in your eyes
Women filling me all full of lies
Sorrow will not change your shameful deals
You will pass someone else instead of me

...and I want to remove that leading "eng||" or "spa||" that some other files have instead.

Can someone hook me up with a rule for that? Greatly appreciated

Read here: [X] Lyrics is prefixed with unwanted string

Ok now I understand what it is but I still need to have it removed. This is because the automatic lyrics finder foobar200 component that I use handles the songs with language identifiers as if they didn't have a lyrics tag at all for some reason. This way the finder will search for lyrics for files that already have them, lengthening the process too much. The component does recognize the lyrics when they don't have the language ID though.

Transfering the lyrics from UNSYNCEDLYRICS to LYRICS is not an option because the ipod won't read them that way.

What's weird is that I do have some tracks without the language identificator in the UNSYNCEDLYRICS field, and they all look like this:

They all have two UNSYNCEDLYRICS fields, the first ones don't have the language ID, and are the ones displayed in the list view as you can see and the ones that the foobar component is taking into account, because those files are ignored when searching for lyrics. Although those are the only files where that happened and when I tried to do the same with other files, the language ID always came up again.

Any clues?

^ In whole honesty, I don't know if you can do this with Mp3tag. I tried removing the _M_STR_ID3V2LANG out of the language file, but for some reason it still saves the lyrics with eng||.

I think you should ask this question on one of the Foobar forums, as it is seems to me a problem with one the foobar components.

But wait and see if someone else here has a solution for your problem

I found a workaround. And yeah it's not really mp3tag related. In case anyone is interested what I did was just copy all UNSYNCEDLYRICS into LYRICS and run the finder. For some reason files with the leading "eng||" in the LYRICS field are effectively skipped by the component. And finally I just copied what the lyrics finder had written in LYRICS into the UNSYNCEDLYRICS field, and then removed the former alltogether.

Thanks for the replies though

I use "Lyrics Show Panel 2" (foo_uie_lyrics2) for foobar. Never had any problem with the language identifier.