Lyrics Text Area


I'm looking for a possibilty to add lyrics to single songs easily by myself... It's a bit annoying to always right-click, open the extended tags dialog, add an UNSYNCEDLYRICS field, paste the lyrics into it and close / save the dialog aftwards.

There's also the possibilty to add the UNSYNCEDLYRICS field to the left-handed panel (where the album cover etc is shown), but you cannot paste lyrics into it since it seems to have problems with the new line chars and only adds the first line to the UNSYNCED lyrics field.

Same goes for the UNSYNCED lyrics field in the web sources dialog. If you paste lyrics into it by yourself, the program doesn't seem to handle the newline chars correclty.

Have I overlooked something? Or might this be a topic for future releases?

Thanks in advance!

//EDIT: I'm very sorry. I just found out, there is already such a topic: