What about indicator for lyrics if it is embedded inside the mp3?? Coz' I am really a music mania. I love to keep every details of lyrics inside my mp3s collection. So, I really want to know which mp3s are still not tagged with lyrics. It would be more pleasure if Mp3tag could also copy the lyrics while performing the process of copying the tag information. Could you guys implement on this?

Thanks so much in advance.


What exactly do you mean with Lyrics? Lyrics3v2 tags, or Lyrics placed inside the ID3v2 tag?
If it's the later, MP3Tag can already do so. Lyrics3v2 tags are pretty outdated and almost nobody uses them. :slight_smile:


Well.. I am referring to the first I think.. the one which can be viewed (also created) using Winamp lyrics 1.22

Btw, is it the latter means something like this..

How does MP3Tag indicates that anyway?


Mp3tag doesn't support this format, if you don't see the Lyrics created by this plugin in the exented tag editor via View, Tags....

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Is this feature still unavailable?

I would be so glad if you guys could implement this feature.

Thank you so much in advance!


As you've already figured out, there is a custom web source for importing lyrics.

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~ Florian