Hi all,

I have been trying this tool and it's not too bad at retrieving about 60% of lyrics.

However, I can get Foobar to display the UNSYNCED tag but not iTunes - is this a known restriction?


You could check in iTunes if the Information dialogue shows the lyrics in the corresponding tab folder.
Also: iTunes usually does not update its library if you update the contents of files. You have to force iTunes.

Thanks for the reply.

I re-imported the song and it still does not show the lyrics in the relevant Get Info tab...


I do not know how you re-imported the file.
I only know that by now iTunes is even more reluctant to update the library. You really have to delete it and then re-import it.

Also, you could try it the other way round: enter some arbitrary lyrics for testing in the info-tab-folder in iTunes and then load the file into Mp3tag.
If the information that you entered in iTunes now shows in Mp3tag you would have to dig into the intricacies of iTunes to find out why it does not update the file information.
(or it could be that you lack the language information ... with eng|| for english and xxx|| for any language)

It seems there are 2 tags, UNSYNCEDLYRICS and UNSYNCHEDLYRICS. The plugin updates UNSYNCHEDLYRICS and iTunes uses UNSYNCEDLYRICS, so I guess I just need to copy the lyrics.

Is there a tool that will copy them and then delete the other one if I want?

A manual copy in mp3tag seems to insert the required eng!! prefix :slight_smile:


MP3tag is the tool.
If this a task that you will have to perform frequently then store the procedure as action group.
In this action there are 2 actions, one to copy, the other to delete.
Open Actions>Actions.
Press New button.
Enter a sensible name for the group.
Press OK.
Press New.
1 to copy: Format Tag-Field for UNSYNCEDLYRICS
Format String: %unsynchedlyrics%
Press OK.
Press New.
2 to delete: Delete Tag-Field UNSYNCHEDLYRICS
Press OK, OK, Close.

Select the files, call the action from Actions-Menu.

Thanks, I'll try that...