.m3u issue


I have the following problem (I've had this issue for the last versions of mp3tag). If I add a bunch of mp3s to mp3tag it saves a playlist and I can play it without any issues. Now, if I go to one of the tag sources (lets say Amazon, but it really does not matter which), then go to "convert: tag - filename", then save the changes and then save the playlist this playlist will not play. I always get the error:
File reading failed:
VLC could not open the file "X.mp3" (Bad file descriptor).
Your input can't be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL 'X.mp3'. Check the log for details.

So as I said, I can save a "playable" playlist on mp3tag without any issues only if I do not apply any tag changes through the tag sources provided.

Any hints on how to solve this?



I do not get any errors if I proceed like this:

  • Create a playlist with MP3tag
  • (close MP3tag to get a fresh start)
  • Drag the playlist into MP3tag
  • Edit a field
  • Apply the converter tag-filename with a mask that leads to a modified filename due to the editing
  • Select the files
  • Create a playlist from the selected files
  • Close MP3tag
  • Open the playlist in a player.
Player plays. Where is your workflow different?

What does the VLC log shows for details?
I did not receive any issue when I followed your test case.
Be aware of the different ".m3u" and ".m3u8" file extension for playlist files as they point to different character encoding within the playlist file.

Hmm, there might be a VLC media cache involved, which needs refreshing?

DD.20140423.1352.CEST, DD.20140424.0538.CEST

Thanks guys for the replies!

Where do I find those logs?
As far as I am aware I am always saving to .m3u
I can try later to do some sort of movie of my screen if that helps.

ohrenkino: your workflow looks similar to mine, except for a couple of steps more (such as closing mp3tag). I am not sure what you mean by " mask that leads to a modified filename" If you mean that the playlist now has a different name that is what I see too.


OK here is my update:

The .m3u opens fine on the windows media player and on iTunes, but not on VLC...
I could not find the VLC logs, but the problem is obviously on VLC's side.

No, I meant that I would apply a mask to the converter tag-filename so that the filename of that file gets renamed.
Then the contents of the playlist would have to change as well.
I suspect that somehow a file gets renamed but the playlist is not updated with the new name.
As playlists are plain text files, you can easily open a playlist with Editor and then check if the filenames in the playlist correspond to those in the file system.