M3u playlist export

First off, I love this app!! I've been using for years now!! This is the first time I've had a need to use the export feature. I have uploaded my music library to Google Play music, but GPM does not recognize or import playlist generated on the computer. I used MP3tag to export to a .csv file and then I can import the .csv to GPM. The problem I'm having is that MP3tag does not export the listing of mp3 titles in the same order that they are in the m3u file. The csv entries appear to be added randomly.
Is there a way (option) I can get the export to keep the mp3 title order in the m3u playlist?

Modify the $loop() statement to $loop(1) - this keeps the order of the selected files.

Hi. Thanks Ohrenkino, but I am not sure what $loop is. Are you referring to the programming code of the app? Is there an option in the app or a flag to run?

I refer to the

This is an export script that has a $loop() statement somewhere in it, propably $loop(%_filename%)
Modify this to $loop(1)

You can edit the export script if you click on the exit, sorry: edit button in the export selection dialogue.

Hi again. I must be missing something obvious. I'm using mp3tag v2.93. I do not see an exit button in the export screen. See attached. Thanks.


Ohrenkino meant the edit button, the document with pencil.

Thank you Crissov. I got it now.
Thank you both for your assistance.