M3u Problem - can it be fixed?

I occasionally get a problem when making m3u lists from .flac directories.
When m3u i opened the file starts playing from any number (not always track 1).
I am using Windows 10, and I know there is a problem with windows and long file names.
I found (by accident) that long file names in the first titles seem to be the problem. If I shorten the file name of titles, the playlist always starts at track 1. (Sorry to be so long winded).
Is this the reason why and is there any other fix???
Love this software

Where do you see MP3tag's role to fix the player's problem not to be able to deal with long file names in playlists (if this is really the reason)?
If you know up to which filename length your player plays, you can filter in MP3tag for files with longer filenames and then devise a pattern that creates shorter names.

Hi, Thanks for your response. These are two examples (I guess it's the way classical music is indexed)

03 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Don Giovanni, ossia Il dissoluto punito, K.527 - Act 1 - ''Madamina, il catalogo è questo''.flac
04 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Così fan tutte, K.588 (L. da Ponte) - Act 1 - Aria alternativa- ''Rivolgete a lui lo sguardo''.flac
11 - Gaetano Donizetti- Don Pasquale - Act 1 - ''Bella siccome un angelo''.flac

If I cut out Wolfgang Amadeus it seems to work. mP3tag seems to process the m3u OK, but only works from (in the case here) track 11.

Now I understand this stuff more, I think I can work around it.

Thanks and take Care


Where do you have the problems? In the player?
I would investigate the player's functions and find out why it does not like those files.
In older Windows versions, the player refused to deal with files where the tag field data got beyond the ID3V1 standard in respect to length ...

Hi, I use Media Player 64bit for here, but all my work in torrents go all over, so I like to think it works ok. I checked Wikipedia for ID3V1, but too technical for me.
The work around I use of late seems OK, so it's not too hard to shorten file title length. Not all files are as long as above.
Still find the program a massive time saver, so will have to do some of my own mods.
Cheers, Wayne

ID3V1 has restrictions in repect to field lengths. I think the title may only have 32 characters.
But let us not dig into that too deep as you have found a solution.

Couldn't agree more. 90% of titles are short so no real drama.
80 years next birthday, so I don't want to learn too much new stuff.