M3u8 playlist not listing mp3 songs

Hope this is the correct place to post this topic.
Trying to create a m3u8 playlist for my ruizu D29 mp3 player mix English and Mandarin songs.
All the English songs - no problem
All the Mandarin songs - not showing on the playlist except 1 song with English Filename but Artist/Title are all in Mandarin. The tag is ID3v2.3(ID3v2.3) as shown per tag column

  • The Mandarin songs tag is ID3v2.3(ID3v1 ID3v2.3) as shown per tag column. One or two is ID3v2.4

Tried changing the Mandarin song file name to English(including the m3u8 playlist) but still won't show/display on the playlist.

The m3u8 file is created using VLC player. Using mp3tag v3.02. It works just find if I use it on VLC player.

All the songs can be seen and play within its folder.
Any advise is very much appreciated.
Thank you.

A playlist is just a text file, so you can easily have a look at the contents.
And there you have to compare what the filename in playlist looks like and what in the filesystem of the player. Probably the player does not show files that cannot be found as the filenames do not match.

If you cannot compare playlist and target folder, then it may be an idea to rename the files to something like just sequential numbers and create a playlist from these filenames.
Modifiying the filenames should not effect the tag data so that you can easily rename the files again, if that should be necessary.

How do I check whether the mp3 player filesystem vs the filename in the playlist?

This is what the mp3 folder shows. The ones with Mandarin Characters are the folder and the ones with English are from the m3u8 playlist :-

The Playlist :-

As per my first post, the Mandarin files do not show on the Playlist only the English ones....

The playlist seems to contain all the files - none missing.
And the filenames look also alright to me.
Still: do the filenames in the playlist match the filenames in the filesystem?

Does the player play mandarin files without a playlist?

Yes....The player can play all the files in the folder English and Mandarin alike...It is just that the m3u8 Playlist will not list the Mandarin songs.... :disappointed:

Whic brings us back to the first check: do the filenames match? I mean ist that what you find in the playlist equal to that what the filesystem shows as names?

Don't understand the question.
The English file names are as per the names in the folder and as per the m3u8 playlist. The Mandarin songs don't show on the playlist....If I use the m3u8 playlist created by VLC player without changing the files location, absolute path, the VLC player can play the songs with no problem.....

Yes, sorry, you already said that.
So now the only way around would be to rename the files with mandarin characters to non-mandarin characters and see if the player can find them now.

Tried that....Used one of the Mandarin song and rename it to a English name....the File Name field as per the program Mp3tag...no joy....Still shows on the folder itself by not on the playlist....
Is there any program that can look at the raw data of the m3u8 file itself? As in showing all the formatting control characters e.g. [LB], [LN] and whatnot?

any hex editor should do.

Can anybody note any difference in the 2 flies? The top can be read and shows on the mp3 Playlist, a English file name song but the 2nd/bottom is a Mandarin file name which do not shows/list in the m3u8 Playlist :-

I wonder what the strange characters following the :265 are.
You wrote

What happens if you load this playlist into MP3tag and save it with MP3tag (again)?

I believe that the Mandarin Character of the Song and Artist...The File Name is "The Foreigner...."
I was hoping that it will show the difference, different byte and whatnot, as to why the top file can be read by the mp3 but not the bottom file where the File Name is also in Mandarin.....but the Start and End byte are the same....
Oh..to you question....I put all of the songs into mp3tag saved Than use VLC to create the m3u8 Playlist....

You can use MP3tag to create m3u8 playlists by simply adding the "8" to m3u and MP3tag will take care of the correct encoding.

Used MP3tag to create m3u8 playlist, no joy :disappointed:

That's sad.
I think by now we have tried more or less everything on the input side - it looks to me like a player problem e.g. that the player cannot cope with m3u8 playlists ...
I am afraid I cannot say anything more about the problem.

Okay. Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face: