M4a comment truncated


I've been using mp3tag for years to organise my mp3 files and I trust it implicitly.
I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that mp3tag could also handle tagging in my m4a files.

Unfortunately I did not notice that it was silently truncating my comment tags.
This is very disappointing, as I was not using mp3tag (2.58) to make any changes to the comment tag.

I understand that strictly speaking, I should not have been allowed to insert >256 character comments into the files in the first place (via winamp), as this is not the apple standard.
This is harsh as I feel this is more an application limit than a file format limit, as itunes truncates the displayed comment text to 256 chars for all file formats, as I remember.

Anyway, I see why mp3tag is obliged to uphold this arbitrary limit, but I think it would have been polite and professional for mp3tag to warn me that it was about to remove information from the files.

Read there, perhaps it explains the situation ...


Yes I had read that thread.
And sure, mp3tag is (now) being compliant to this itunes standard by truncating data and tidying up the tags.
My issue is that it deleted my data silently.

I really do not think mp3tag should delete any existing data automatically - it should ask. This is not in a specification. It is common sense.

I haven't lost much data, as I kept separate copies in text files, but if someone did not notice or work out what was truncating the comments, then they could lose quite a lot.

I really am very surprised, as mp3tag is a great product.

As for this crazy m4a/itunes standard, which is obviously the root of the problem, I'm going to convert my files to tried and tested mp3 as soon as possible.